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SIC code for Ecommerce

If you didn’t know, SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification and it’s a way of classifying different industries.

You must be wondering why the hell am I talking about SIC codes. Well, I have been trying to contact people about, the project I have been working on lately. Now, to spread the word, you need contacts with their emails. We have collected a lot of emails from invites but not having enough prospect users at the top of the funnel leads to only a handful at the other end and to truly succeed you must pour in a lot of users at the top of the funnel.

No matter where you buy the list of contacts from, you will have to filter the results by the industry type.’s main audience is online e-commerce stores and after going through the list of 2003 SIC codes, I found 52.60 (Not in Retail stores) which matches perfectly to our requirements. I have not had the chance to explore the results further but I am sure it is what we are looking for.

I hope it will help in your future endeavours.