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Cygwin, RSpec on Windows Vista

I have turned into an early adopter for some reason, so few weeks back when I had the opportunity to use Rspec to do some TDD style of development…I literally jumped on the idea. But the adoption was not that … Continue reading

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Response from Netvibes team

In response to my rant, Francois from Netvibes team replied and suggested to use the following url: http://www.netvibes.com/?reset_cache=1 which resets the cache. I am assuming that it be used after one has moved stuff around to reset the cache and … Continue reading

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Netvibes – painful experience

I have been using Netvibes Feed Reader for over a year now and never had any issues with it. I have enjoyed the convenience of keeping an eye on the popular blogs and feeds. But it all changed a couple … Continue reading

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Adobe Flex Builder 3 download link does not work

What a discouraging start to Adobe Flex faddism. I meticulously tried the link on this page (Download Flex Builder 3) several times but it just does not work…I will try it on a different computer and see what happens.

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At the gym

Every now and again you see the instructors filling in the new starters with the workout jargon which I am sure majority do not understand. They never give you any information on nutrition like what you should eat and what … Continue reading

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Travelling on weekends

Do not travel on weekends…it is absolutely horrible…

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Yahoo mail is…

I moved to Google mail last year and it is the best email service I have ever used. It was at the same time Yahoo rolled out its new features which takes absolutely ages to come to life something that … Continue reading

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Grind my gears

I do not understand why customer facing organisations run without any prior resource planning. For some reason all the bank employees were participating in some mass exodus at about 13:30… or they were just busy not doing anything…contemplate the following … Continue reading

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