Cygwin, RSpec on Windows Vista

I have turned into an early adopter for some reason, so few weeks back when I had the opportunity to use Rspec to do some TDD style of development…I literally jumped on the idea. But the adoption was not that easy or straight forward. Anything on Windows does not work the first time there is [...]

Response from Netvibes team

In response to my rant, Francois from Netvibes team replied and suggested to use the following url: which resets the cache. I am assuming that it be used after one has moved stuff around to reset the cache and commit the recent changes.

Netvibes – painful experience

I have been using Netvibes Feed Reader for over a year now and never had any issues with it. I have enjoyed the convenience of keeping an eye on the popular blogs and feeds. But it all changed a couple of days ago…I was feeling a bit adventurous and decided to move some of the [...]

Adobe Flex Builder 3 download link does not work

What a discouraging start to Adobe Flex faddism. I meticulously tried the link on this page (Download Flex Builder 3) several times but it just does not work…I will try it on a different computer and see what happens.

At the gym

Every now and again you see the instructors filling in the new starters with the workout jargon which I am sure majority do not understand. They never give you any information on nutrition like what you should eat and what you should avoid because in my opinion a good body is a mix of good [...]

Travelling on weekends

Do not travel on weekends…it is absolutely horrible…

Yahoo mail is…

I moved to Google mail last year and it is the best email service I have ever used. It was at the same time Yahoo rolled out its new features which takes absolutely ages to come to life something that has annoyed me so much as I do log onto my old yahoo account every [...]

Grind my gears

I do not understand why customer facing organisations run without any prior resource planning. For some reason all the bank employees were participating in some mass exodus at about 13:30… or they were just busy not doing anything…contemplate the following scenario: 1. Only two cashiers are serving in a bank with a capacity of eight… [...]