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Responsive is the flavour of the month

You don’t have mobile and desktop anymore. You have devices! Small devices equates to mobile, medium ones to tablets, large to desktops and extra large to retinas. I understand the whole responsive thing to an extent but in order to … Continue reading

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Update NVM to latest version

A very quick post as a reminder to self. Running the install script for nvm like this will update nvm if it’s installed already. curl https://raw.githubusercontent.com/creationix/nvm/v0.18.0/install.sh | bash I had to trawl through few links to find this solution and … Continue reading

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Adding changes selectively with Git

Here’s a scenario for you developers: 1. You are happily hacking on a feature from the beach. 2. But, someone on your team is waiting for your changes to go in because they need few methods on a class you … Continue reading

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Ultrahook and GET requests

A couple of months ago, I wrote about testing Stripe’s webhooks with Ultrahook. Just this week, I found out while trying to run a GET request against Ultrahook, that it doesn’t allow GET requests for security reasons. May be give … Continue reading

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When Zeus doesn’t work…

Do you work with Rails? and is it not a brand spanking new Rails 4, but the older and less-loved, relatively speaking, version? Then, you must have come across Zeus. It’s pretty handy if you like to test drive your … Continue reading

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Installing Java on Mavericks with homebrew-cask

Years ago, when I used to develop on a Windows machine, a senior colleague of mine told me – “Apple’s version of Java is slightly behind”. Ofcourse, I was oblivious to the control tech giants can force on it’s users. … Continue reading

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I love metaprogramming

I have almost finished the 80% of ruby metaprogramming course and I am loving it. Really, writing a complete class without writing the code below. This is so old way of writing code…nah just kidding. class People end Also, declaring … Continue reading

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Bugs are inevitable in any piece of software and we all are aware of the fact that developers cut corners to make the software work. As far as hacks go unnoticed they can be referred to as calculated risks. Bugs … Continue reading

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Rewriting URLs…

Last nite I changed the urls from “this_is_my_new” to read “this-is-my-new” apparently latter is a better way for search engine optimization…it was a bit of a pain though…but I managed it somehow…

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ETextEditor v EditPlus

I just realised yesterday a vital advantage of EditPlus on ETextEditor – Support Regular Expressions. In EditPlus you can search and replace by Regular Expressions which is very handy when you are working on a long text file and would … Continue reading

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