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Adding changes selectively with Git

Here’s a scenario for you developers: 1. You are happily hacking on a feature from the beach. 2. But, someone on your team is waiting for your changes to go in because they need few methods on a class you … Continue reading

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File’s life through Git

I realised a few months ago that I should read more books. I have a ton of them. I could never read all of them unless I start now and that’s exactly what I did. The first one I ended … Continue reading

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I recently read this article comparing BitBucket and GitHub and did mention in in a previous post on Git. Apart from well defined differences like BitBucket is a social repository for Mercurial writting in Python whereas GitHub is obviously for … Continue reading

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Some useful git commands

gitHub is an amazing piece of functionality. The user interface is so amazing that BitBucket simply ripped it off. Yes, without any regrets. I mean people are bound to notice that sort of stuff but still these things happen. Anyways, … Continue reading

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Clone bare git

Found an interesting option to clone a git repository. Honestly, speaking I have no idea how it could be usefult because it does not actually do a checkout of the HEAD. Anyways, if you run: git clone –bare git://github.com/andhapp/decoct.git then … Continue reading

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I wonder did Ryan bates start a revolution by doing (RailsCasts) his short videos on various ruby concepts because there is a BDDCasts and today I saw GitCasts on Git’s main site. It is in the same fashion a collection … Continue reading

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