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Convert SVG to PNG on Mac OS X

Android’s WebView is very primitive in terms of rendering SVG images as the background. I decided to convert them into PNGs and test their rendering. I don’t have photoshop, and I could have used ImageMagick to convert SVGs to PNGs, … Continue reading

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Plastic Logic Electronic reader

I would say it is Amazon Kindle’s competitor but the time will tell if it actually is… some cool features are: Lighter than Mac Air Can go on for days without recharge Here’s the link to the demo video: Plastic … Continue reading

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Firefox 3 tweak

I finally figured out how to do this. Well I wanted to open the search results in a new tab whenever I searched for anything using the Google search box (next to the address bar). I thought that it was … Continue reading

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Microsoft Word Shortcut (Shift + F3)

Do you know what this is used for?? Well I did not know that you could do this in microsoft word but apparently the use of Shift + F3 cycles through different types of cases so it would change the … Continue reading

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Windows shortcut

Let us say you are going through a long listing of folders and would like to see what is in these folders but do not want leave the current view. This leaves you with only one option of opening these … Continue reading

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ETextEditor v EditPlus

I just realised yesterday a vital advantage of EditPlus on ETextEditor – Support Regular Expressions. In EditPlus you can search and replace by Regular Expressions which is very handy when you are working on a long text file and would … Continue reading

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Future is bright Future is ETextEditor

No denying you will be absolutely gobsmacked by this text editor which is Windows equivalent of Mac’s text mate…and the features are sweet…so powerful. My earlier choice of text editor EditPlus2 just looks feeble to me now… Some of its … Continue reading

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