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Extract content from gmail

I wrote a quick script to extract contents from my gmail account. Here’s a gist. It might be of some help to someone.

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Well, if you work with ruby and rails and you do not know what Gemcutter is then its time for you to come out of the rock you have been living under. It is the awesome gem hosting service that … Continue reading

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IRB on roids

Any ruby developer knows about the interactive ruby shell or in short irb and I am quite sure they use it everyday for quickly testing little scripts out. And Rails offers its own console which is basically irb with rails … Continue reading

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Ruby 1.9

I was looking for the hash syntax in Ruby 1.9 as I could recollect that it has changed but did not remember it exactly and discovered this site that has all the changes in Ruby 1.9 in one place and … Continue reading

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I love metaprogramming

I have almost finished the 80% of ruby metaprogramming course and I am loving it. Really, writing a complete class without writing the code below. This is so old way of writing code…nah just kidding. class People end Also, declaring … Continue reading

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Ruby software debt

Found ruby code smell detector, called Reek. Here’s a report for thughtbot’s clearance. Powerful stuff. Time to run it through my code.

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My patch to refactor one of the modules in Clearance was merged into master today. I feel ecstatic.

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