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Xcode shenanigans

Recently, I’ve been working on a Phonegap application and just wanted to share some Xcode gotchas. 1. Xcode’s crash reports are saved in /Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports/. This comes handy when Xcode crashes on you, sometimes. It doesn’t happen often, but for instance … Continue reading

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Deploy apps with Mina

I recently decided to setup a dedicated website for my company as opposed to just using my personal one. It’s a static site, with barely any content right now. Now, I usually rely on capistrano for deployment, but since capistrano … Continue reading

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Adding multiple classes using classList API

This week, I ran into classList API, properly. I’ve read about it in the past, but never had the chance to use it. Most of the articles on google, just give you an introduction into classList API, but fail to … Continue reading

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Pass JVM arguments to Trinidad server when trinidad is a gem installed via Bundler

I’ve experienced some OutOfMemoryError on my JRuby app and all the googling has led me to one solution, that is, pass the -Xmx, -Xss, and -Xms options to JVM. Now, it’s easy to do it with Java, or JRuby as … Continue reading

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Register a new library with Bower

Well, this is really a note for self because I tend to remember things better if I write them down and what better place than my blog. So, whenever you register a library with bower, please don’t forget to create … Continue reading

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Update id of an object in Rails backed by MongoDB

I’m not a big fan of developers getting swayed by NoSQL hype and using mongoDB with Rails. Unless there’s a good enough reason, stick to relational databases. Anyways, I found myself trying to update id of an object in Rails. … Continue reading

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Extract content from gmail

I wrote a quick script to extract contents from my gmail account. Here’s a gist. It might be of some help to someone.

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What does Spring bring?

For non-programmers, Spring symbolises sunshine, warm breeze and holiday season. However, the story is a little bit different for Programmers. Yes, Spring brings timezone issues for Programmes. In other words, the moment of truth is upon us now and it’s … Continue reading

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Getting Clearance test suite to green

The title could be slightly misleading but I am not talking about installing clearance in your Rails application. This post is just a small note to myself since I had considerable difficulties in getting the clearance gem’s test suite working … Continue reading

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ActiveModel API and Parameter Object design pattern

About 3 months ago, I was working on this piece of code which had some “virtual models”. Virtual models are the entities that are well defined models except they are never persisted to the database. They are just kept in … Continue reading

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