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Namastey (Hello) Stranger, This is not the geekiest blog on the planet yet it is not the dumbest one either. I am a small time developer who likes to explore new technologies. I usually program in Java, Groovy and Ruby and take keen interest in the surrounding geeky developments.

Pow doesn’t work after upgrade to Yosemite

The last horse finally crosses the finish line. Yes, I finally upgraded to Yosemite. Unfortunately, Pow didn’t take the upgrade kindly and decided to spew out a cryptic error message. Apparently there was an issue with Pow on Yosemite but … Continue reading

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Javascript event loops demystified

Don’t understand what Javascript event loop is, then you need to watch the following video: Totally clarified my remaining doubts on browser – javascript interaction and event loop. Hope it helps.

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Chrome and the Web APIs

Browser is becoming better by the day and Chrome is at the forefront of this movement. There are a plethora of interesting

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Coding exercise as part of interview process

Unless you are a superstar programmer, you are expected to do a coding exercise as part of interview process now days. I had a retired BBC journalist as a colleague at university. Very intelligent, focussed and an impeccable gentleman who … Continue reading

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Books and Papers I read in 2014

Well, here’s a list of books and papers I read in 2014: Are your lights on? Pitching bible Mixu’s Node book RabbitMQ in Action The Lean Entrepreneur The Lean UX The Lean Analytics O’Reilly’s Graph database SQL performance explained The … Continue reading

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IE11′s javascript engine doesn’t work correctly with promises

Yes, you read it right! It doesn’t work correctly. Specifically, if you had an array of promises, then in IE 11 (and any other version), the promises will be worked on synchronously, and it will go through them one by … Continue reading

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Update NVM to latest version

A very quick post as a reminder to self. Running the install script for nvm like this will update nvm if it’s installed already. curl | bash I had to trawl through few links to find this solution and … Continue reading

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Adding changes selectively with Git

Here’s a scenario for you developers: 1. You are happily hacking on a feature from the beach. 2. But, someone on your team is waiting for your changes to go in because they need few methods on a class you … Continue reading

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File’s life through Git

I realised a few months ago that I should read more books. I have a ton of them. I could never read all of them unless I start now and that’s exactly what I did. The first one I ended … Continue reading

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Is character ‘g’ in UUID valid?

Did you know UUID has a very detailed specification? Well, if you did, good for you, if you didn’t, it’s okay, you can read it now. For some reason, I always thought UUID (or GUID) is a random collection of … Continue reading

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