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Namastey (Hello) Stranger, This is not the geekiest blog on the planet yet it is not the dumbest one either. I am a small time developer who likes to explore new technologies. I usually program in Java, Groovy and Ruby and take keen interest in the surrounding geeky developments.

Udemy and Netflix are so alike!

Two totally different, but somewhat related fields have seen an exponential growth in last few years. Online learning platforms and On-demand movies/box sets/videos platforms. To be fair, there aren’t that many of them, but ‘exponential growth’ makes it more dramatic … Continue reading

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BBC Snippets

Back in 2010, I had the opportunity of working at BBC with a really outstanding and innovating group of people. I worked on a project called, BBC Snippets. From it’s humble beginnings as a Rails project built on sphinx to … Continue reading

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The Art of Interviewing

Interviewing is surely an art! Appropriate questions coupled with a prudent approach will do the job. But, then how many interviewers really do it properly. Here’s some of the wisdom I’d like to share: * A 5-min phone conversation is … Continue reading

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Quote of the day

On big data, John Naisbitt once said: Drowning in data starving in knowledge.

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SIC code for Ecommerce

If you didn’t know, SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification and it’s a way of classifying different industries. You must be wondering why the hell am I talking about SIC codes. Well, I have been trying to contact people about … Continue reading

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Remove remote branch info locally from git

You use git for version control. You got a new feature to write. You do the work and push your work into a new feature branch. Open a PR for your work either on bitbucket or github or anything else. … Continue reading

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Selenium WebDriver and starting Safari in a clean session state

I first used selenium on a java project a while back and selenium has grown by leaps and bounds. With continued support and a myriad of bindings, it’s a tool to go to for automated testing. However, it does sometimes … Continue reading

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Passing parameters to Angular providers in configuration phase

Providers are probably the most significant concept in Angular 1. Services and factories use providers underneath, which makes it even more powerful. Anyways, Angular 1 has two phases in it’s lifecycle, configuration phase and run phase. Providers are initialised in … Continue reading

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Python2 not found error on installing emscripten on Mac OS X (Yosemite)

On the weekend, I had the need to use a C library and decided to give node.js a try as I have been spending more time in the Javascript ecosystem. Google revealed few ways to connect to a C library … Continue reading

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Responsive is the flavour of the month

You don’t have mobile and desktop anymore. You have devices! Small devices equates to mobile, medium ones to tablets, large to desktops and extra large to retinas. I understand the whole responsive thing to an extent but in order to … Continue reading

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