The Art of Interviewing

Interviewing is surely an art!

Appropriate questions coupled with a prudent approach will do the job. But, then how many interviewers really do it properly. Here’s some of the wisdom I’d like to share:

* A 5-min phone conversation is not enough evidence to prove if a programmer is fit for the team.

* A whiteboard exercise to solve a technical test is an API memory test and should be banished.

* Whiteboard is good for discussing technical architectures and that’s exactly what it should be used for.

* Giving a tough maths question to solve as a technical test is not going to reveal a candidate’s understanding of HTTP protocol. Keep things relevant to the job.

* Follow KISS (Keep it Simple stupid) principle. Programmers like to program. So, give them a relevant problem and a computer and let them do what they like to do.

* Not remembering the entire programming language API is not a bad thing unless you work in a bunker, cut off from the rest of the world.

That’s all for now.

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Namastey (Hello) Stranger, This is not the geekiest blog on the planet yet it is not the dumbest one either. I am a small time developer who likes to explore new technologies. I usually program in Java, Groovy and Ruby and take keen interest in the surrounding geeky developments.
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