Selenium WebDriver and starting Safari in a clean session state

I first used selenium on a java project a while back and selenium has grown by leaps and bounds. With continued support and a myriad of bindings, it’s a tool to go to for automated testing. However, it does sometimes stumps you with nuances you’ve not seen in the past. One such quirk I came across this week was starting safari in a clean session state. Unlike Chrome and Firefox, it’s impossible to start safari in a clean session state. A clean session state means devoid of any hangovers, cookies, for instance is a good example.

The project I was working on was set up with cucumber features using capybara that in turn uses selenium webdriver’s ruby bindings for communicating with the browser. Like any astute developer, I googled for solutions.


Google search for ‘safari in clean session state’ may throw you off into a completely different directions, for instance:

1. Pass clean_session state as true as an additional option when a new capybara driver is registered for safari.

However, this will not work. Why? Because, there’s a comment in selenium webdriver’s code pointing out the fact that it’s still outstanding.

2. Open safari with different flags like ‘-n -b -F’.

This doesn’t work either. Even if it did, you will have to delve deep in selenium webdriver land to pass that option in and monkey patch a solution for this. Thankfully, it doesn’t work because monkey-patching is never a reliable way to fix bugs.

So, what’s the solution?

Well, the only way to fix it is by deleting the cookies before a feature run. Typically, add some code to delete cookies in a before hook for capybara to run before each feature.

It took a lot of trying, experimentation and patience to find this solution and sincerely hope it helps someone.

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2 Responses to Selenium WebDriver and starting Safari in a clean session state

  1. Amol Mithari says:


    I am struck on starting Safari in a clean session state. Could you please help me with it?

    I have tried different ways like setting desired capabilities cleanSession=true, ensureCleanSession=true etc. But the Safari always starts in the same session

  2. hi,
    thanks for sharing the very informative article.

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