Python2 not found error on installing emscripten on Mac OS X (Yosemite)

On the weekend, I had the need to use a C library and decided to give node.js a try as I have been spending more time in the Javascript ecosystem. Google revealed few ways to connect to a C library from node, namely, node-ffi, emscripten and so on. Node-ffi is similar to ruby-ffi and is a wrapper around libffi.

Given that I have used ruby-ffi in the past, I decided to give emscripten a try this time around. The installation guides are spot on and work like a charm except one minor thing. For some reason, on running the emscripten (using ./emcc command) it complained about not finding python2. Not sure why it’s looking for python2 in the PATH, but I created a symlink to the installation of python in /usr/bin and called it python2 instead.

Hope this simple fix doesn’t cause any more issues later on.

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