Is character ‘g’ in UUID valid?

Did you know UUID has a very detailed specification? Well, if you did, good for you, if you didn’t, it’s okay, you can read it now.

For some reason, I always thought UUID (or GUID) is a random collection of numbers and characters and randomness guarantees uniqueness. I was pretty sure about the randomness but wasn’t sure that presence of character ‘g’ makes it invalid.

Let’s look at UUID’s definition. UUID is in fact a random 128 bit number and it’s represented using hexadecimal numbers for the sake of readability. Now, let me ask you the same question again:

Is character ‘g’ in UUID valid?

Ofcourse, it’s not valid!


Because hexadecimal digits don’t include ‘g’. Therefore, a valid UUID should always match:


So, presence of ‘g’ in UUID means that UUID specification has not been implemented correctly in the programming language.

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