ETextEditor v EditPlus

I just realised yesterday a vital advantage of EditPlus on ETextEditor – Support Regular Expressions.

In EditPlus you can search and replace by Regular Expressions which is very handy when you are working on a long text file and would like to do a quick search followed by replace all…but could not find a way to do the same on ETextEditor (something I was expecting).
Let me know of a way you can do that on ETextEditor bypassing Regular Expressions while exploring ETextEditor’s features.

I still think they both are great editors and for the time being I will have to keep both installed.

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2 Responses to ETextEditor v EditPlus

  1. yari123 says:

    i can’t even install etexteditor….

    to this date i still do not of any RoR focused editors that has addressed the issue of synchronization with the servers.

  2. andhapp says:

    Howcomes…it did not cause any problems for me…
    And for the issue I was talking about I found out that you can search using Regular Expressions in ETextEditor so my fault for abandoning my exploration quite early on.

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