Future is bright Future is ETextEditor

No denying you will be absolutely gobsmacked by this text editor which is Windows equivalent of Mac’s text mate…and the features are sweet…so powerful. My earlier choice of text editor EditPlus2 just looks feeble to me now…

Some of its features are:
1) Select different words by pressing the Ctrl key down and then edit them simultaneously.

2) Complete auto completion facility for several programming languages like Rails and so on.

3) Execute Unix commands on the files in the context like doing a grep on the file to match certain expression.

and there are many more….so go on and unleash the power…here’s the website link to download. Watch the screencasts and check out some of its features.

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4 Responses to Future is bright Future is ETextEditor

  1. yari123 says:

    man i’ve been looking for the perfect editor….i think i found it!

    i still dont know why theres no port of TextMate….i also considered getting a mac just to get textmate….

  2. andhapp says:

    Well tbh I was unaware of Text mate’s powerful features until I started using ETextEditor and I am totally gobsmacked …its great

  3. Julian says:

    I’ve downloaded it to try but I’m not too keen on paying $34.95 for beta software at the end of 30 day trial.

  4. andhapp says:

    @Julian I think you can keep it for as long as you want as far as it is in beta…implying you can test is for a while but I am sure once you uncover its powerful features you will not regret paying $34.95…and this is just another way to encourage the developer to carry on..

    Besides that it helps one in creating a Mac like environment on Windows machine…check this link out

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